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Here's Archie. In a pic each with Condi and me. Archie is Condi' twin brother and best friend. Or so they say. Acrh is from Long Island,NY. He now attends college at the University of the Pacific ine Cali. I met Archie in person once, when he came 2 visit me and Condi 4 3 days. We also speak through email. He is a true trip. I wish we could hang in person more often. Oceans rise~~~~...

Here's A friend of JD, JD, Me and Bobby Heenan and the Nitro Girls Whisper and Chae. I met them when I bought NItro tickets in August. Eat your hearts out twins, Dave and Devon, and Condi!!

Here was some of the '97-'98 wrestle crew from J-WU. Here are some of us after a some wrestling event at my house. Now in 98 this group and more get together every Monday Night 4 wrestling

One of the best nights of my senior year: Grad Night. 2 those of U who don't know about Grad Night, let me explain. We leave our school at about 6pm and drive 4 hours 2 Orlando. Everyone is kicked out of Disney World 2 let the seniors run wild. From Georgia 2 S. FLA, its a senior tradition.

Starting from the upper left is Aditza, Shirley, Camilla, and me. The Bottom row from the left is Jimmy, Arcolia, and Joey. We hung out all night. From Space Mountain 2 Thunder Mountain 2 Splash Mountain, a night we won't forget.

This is my special friend Chris we lost touch for awhile but now we are back on track. He's a great guy and a Marine. Now that we've found each other again. We'll be friends for a long time.