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What makes FAMU MY Favorite Band??

U look at my picture and say Y??

What do I know about FAMU??

4 those from Miami, yes, I did go 2 NMB.

Yes, I am Spainish. I am not black.

No, being at NMB 4 3 years, I never danced on the field. And may never know what it feels like.

What do I know about FAMU??

4 those not in Miami or never heard of FAMU, let alone about the band, let me tell U what U probably don't know.

FAMU is the BEST of only a few schools that dance. I don't mean the polka here either. Let me explain In Miami, we have "booty music". The most famous innovator of booty music is Luther Campbell aka 2 us as Luke. The style of dancing that has come about from booty music..lets just say the conservatives will never approve. Neither will traditional, conservative band directors, which is 99% of the country (and my old band director. Love Ya Daddy D!!) That's Y if your from Montana, you'll never come across this style that has evolved on a marching band field. Yes, it does tend 2 focus on more of the black style of music, but SO WHAT!! My high school never got into the band. They would even sometimes boo us. But if we played the music the kids wanted 2 hear, and actually danced the way the kids danced, maybe we would've been cheered like schools such as Miami Central (which is known throughout country 4 doing the Macy's Day Parade, and is my favorite band in Miami-Dade County, besides my own)

I know this has become a rant, but I think others should know

There's gotta be reason the FAMU band has such a huge following. They are the best entertaining marching band out there.

I know a few schools such as Bethune ,Southern, and Grambling probably won't agree with me. But 2 them, I say ya'll do your thang and keep the booty shakin' goin'.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong. (Thanks Dennis Miller 4 that line)

The opinions expressed here are my own and I am in no way affiliated with the schools or people mentioned above. I truely hope I didn't offend anybody with my opinions. Got something 2 say, hot FAMU pics, or sounds, Email me I want 2 hear other opinions.