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This is a section that I've finally had the time to create, which is a real shame I didn't do it sooner. Let me introduce Roger Cox. We were together more than 4 years, starting when I was 14. We broke up in January of '98 because of my faults and serious mistakes.

We met at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. He's one of those people U don't remember meeting but just knowing. We were just "hi and bye" for the first 2 of my 3 years there. Then we started talking during the summer before I went into 9th grade in '93. We were together ever since. Well.. since..U know what I mean.

When I left TJ, I went 2 North Miami Beach Sr. High. There is where he met 2 of his best friends Hamlet (who's in the pic with him on the left and right. I really don't know the girls in that pic.) and Justin. The 3 Stooges as I thought of them. They still keep in touch today.

Roger is an OUTSTANDING musician. He's now in San Diego with the Navy Band. When he plays his tenor sax, it could make U cry. He's now even playing the clarinet. I bet he's great on that now 2. He's also a fabulous singer. He'll get a great girl with that voice one day.

Roger is a caring person. God forbid someone messes with someone he cares about. That's because he's a black belt in several forms of the martial arts. And the thing about it is he's a really good fighter.

Me and Roger don't talk anymore. He won't answser my letters and phone calls. But I understand. No man would talk 2 a girl whom he was with 4 so long, after what I did 2 him. But I will bother him till my dying day 2 talk 2 me. He was my life once, and want him 2 be a part, even a small part...Again.