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Ok. So I've known this kid loooong before college. Actually, if it weren't 4 me, he wouldn't be on this planet. Heck, I named the kid!! This is my brother David. He's making his own website. Check it out. Anywayz. He's only 15 years old. Big kid though. When people at JWU see us together, they'd swear we were twins. Its annoying as hell cause were 4 years apart in age. He'll be graduating my Alma Mater, NMB in June. He 2 will be joining.

U know me and my brother. There's my Mami and Papi. See that's how I came 2 be.

Here's a pic with me, my mom, and my bro.

Here's a pic of me, my uncle Artie, my mom, David, and my Aunt Gayle. They have 2 be famous somewhere, might as well be on my website.

Here's a pic of David and his boy Caeser.

On the left is my girl Lisa. On the right, her sister Sarah. We've known each other since the summer before 1st grade. Since then, U'd think we were sisters. 2 many people have seen this picture and swore it was me. Lisa has alwayz been there 4 me. When I had problems, she said, "don't worry. No one will mess with U cause they'll have 2 deal with ME." And she was right. She's my original "god". I love my "Toto" 2 death. She'll be a bridesmaid one day. As for Sara, I remember when she was born. It was in my present college afer all. (Don't ask) She's 11. We act like sisters. Me and Sara sometimes more than her and Lisa cause we fight more.

U've met my brother David, and now here's Betsy, his future wife. Ok Ok. So they may not ever get married.. But they're still best friends. I've known Betsy a long time. Since she was really small. Betsy is a really picky eater. And she's really skinny 2. I love her though. She has a great family.