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Guerda was first introduced on my ATP pic page. About Guerda in general, she got that attitude. She uses it when she has 2. She is a "god" Me and Gert became good friends. She was the person I talked 2 through my trying times. She also acted as my conscience (in which she failed), but I'm a hard person 2 persuade when I've got my mind set on something. (Conda, he's next. hint hint-Gert).

This is NoConda. U can check out the page I have dedicated 2 me and him. Now let me tell U about HIM. He's cute. I've got 2 fight other chicks 2 keep away. I must retract a statement I made earlier, about me alwayz beating him in Jeapordy. This is not the case. He wanted 2 set the record straight. He's fun 2 chill with. He hardly ever takes anything seriously. Alwayz got something smart 2 say. He's ALWAYZ hungry and never full. He likes scaring me 2 get a reaction.

U know me and Guerda. Kim is the one U don't know. This is Kim aka Kimmy aka Ma (2 me). She takes care of me and Condi. She is a "god" Kim looks out 4 me. She acts as a counselor and a shoulder 2 cry on. She's got a smart mouth that I admire. I Love Ya Kimberly DeShaun Birdsong Kelly.

Starting from the left is Juan (Kim's other half), Damon, Condi, Darryl, and JoJo. Juan is my boy. When I need a guy 2 talk 2, Juan's the one I run 2. He is a "god". Juan keeps me from losing my head. He tries 2 get me 2 rationalize when I'm going crazy. Next is Damon. I met him recently. Basically we BS at work in the JWU Admissions office. U know Condi. Darryl is next.

Darryl is one of those peeps U say hi 2 the whole year, but don't really know them that well. He works 4 the JWU this summer. I see him more and say wuz up more.

The last one in the picture above is JoJo. JoJo is really cool. But once he starts talking, he's off 2 the races. He's a C-4 student. (bachelors degree program 4 Culinary Arts) Also in this picture is Vicky. She is a sister of Alpha Theta Phi.