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This is me and Jonathan. Jonathan is the biggest sweetie. He is an RA at JWU. I guess that's how I met him. He also helped me and my sisters through pledging by reminding us the rules. Nowadays, me and Condi will go 2 his apartment and have the occasional dinner party, get together, introduce a friend, or birthday pool party. (Hehehe)

This is me and Sebastian. Or Shontsie 2 everyone else. He'll take one look at this picture and shreik. Shontsie is a trip 2 be around. He's got a smart mouth, especially 2 me. He loves singing and seems 2 be good at it. He's also gossiping little girl. Fairy.

U know Condi. The one with the breasts is April. You first met her on my ATP Pic Page. April tells it like it is. She does it 2 me all the time. April is a really snappy dresser. She wears the most interesting of outfits. I think she wants 2 rub that off on me. April, where's my mom's car??

This is Ryan. Yes, he's alwayz this crazy. Ryan is the innovator of "TAB"'s (Totally Afflicted Bitches or Triflin Ass Bitches). "Affliction" is his word. He's also the biggest gossip of J-WU. He's got the goods if U want em.

This is Keisha and Corey. Keisha and I met through our Baking and Pastry classes. We were in the same classes all year. Her favorite line was "outta control". Everyone was outta control. I miss her. She left 3rd tri, but she said she's coming back. Corey was mad cool. He is good friends with Condi. If U can't tell, he and Keisha R together. That's my little mama.

U've met Corey, now here's Jovan. I met Jovan in my Baking and Pastry classes 2. Jovan can alwayz make me laugh with his quick wit and ability 2 snap on somebody. Sometimes he makes people feel bad, be we still crack up anywayz.