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The next person is Sha. Her real name is Hansa, but we don't call her that. I met her in my BP classes like Keisha and Jovan. She is a "god". We were in the same group the last tri of school, so I had the chance 2 talk 2 her a lot. Sha is a very quiet person. But she'll throw out a snap once in a while and raise some eyebrows.

This is Melissa. I'm not sure when in the school year we met, but we started chillin when we had academics. She's a really sweet person, and I'm surprised she's not smiling here.

This is Yeap. I also don't remember how we met, but I'm glad we did. Yeap is alwayz upbeat and happy. We've chilled before and it was an interesting experience. ('member IHOP??). She's from Cambodia and is still a picky eater.

This is Romero and Alexandra. They R one of the many couples of J-WU. In this picture, Alexandra threw a surprise party 4 Romero's birthday. We were all there. They R both really sweet. Me and Alexandra were supposed 2 be roomates this year. But Mr. Shawn Ray had other ideas 4 me.

U know Guerda already. This is Tameisha. Met her sometime during the school year. She's mad cool. Loves 2 party and dance. She's from Texas. I can't wait 2 see her again. We hung out on Memorial Day the day before she left 4 the summer. ('member the bridge??)

U see me in my riddler hat. The girl in the back is Liz. Liz works in the Admissions office 4 J-WU. We joke and talk at work when it gets boring. We do work in the mail room as we call it. The guy is my boy Daryl. I met Daryl this summer even though he went 2 the school all year. We bonded at work in the J-WU office and when Condi went home 2 NY. Most definately a "god". He also doesn't take s**t from nobody.