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Here's a bunch of J-WU girls at the end of the year BBQ Bash at the Beach. From top left-right: Emanaise, Kim, Kay Kay, Tameisha, StacyAnn, Bottom: Guerda and me.

This is Mario. I met Mario in the first tri. He left after that 4 the year. The little time I ever spent with him, he was joking around. He's a Baking and Pastry student at J-WU. Mario is now back at J-WU. I have him 4 a class, and now he messes with me everyday. I'll miss him when he leaves in December.

This is Abena. I met Abena for only a week at the beginning of March '98. She's Ama's sister. She loves reggae. That's all she listened 2 while she was here. She showed those guys a thing or 2 at Zippers (which Condi says is now closed).

This is my boy Edjir. I've known him since the 6th grade. We used 2 chill back then. We were reunited in high school. We constantly keep in touch. He emails me all the time. He even emailed me this pic and was offended that I didn't put him there in the first place. Sorry hon, I didn't have a pic. KIT!!

This is Suzanne. She had a fit when she saw there wasn't a pic of her here. She is one of those peeps who seem 2 alwayz be cheery. It makes me sick 2 some times.(Just Kidding!!) Suzanne was in band with me. She beacame Drum major the year after I left. She now attends FIU.